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MSF Legacy Projects

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One of the most extraordinary aspects of Matthew’s 20-year legacy is the catalog of literary and performance works inspired by his story. Beginning with the earliest performances of Tectonic Theater Project’s documentary theater piece, The Laramie Project, we at the Foundation have learned how powerfully this play inspires audiences to address hate, intolerance, and prejudice of every kind in their own communities.

Given our intimate connection to the story and our enduring ties to so many of the folks involved in the events, we have been able to offer a deep and broad set of resources to schools and community theaters preparing their own productions of The Laramie Project. We have scores of photographs of Laramie and its environs, clips of Wyoming TV news broadcasts, and scans of local newspaper articles—perfect for actors doing their character research and designers creating stage projections.

Of course, we also have Judy and Dennis Shepard, who often speak to actors and their audiences. And we have Executive Director Jason Marsden, who counted Matt among his friends, and who knows many of the people portrayed in the plays. Jason frequently Skypes with acting companies, answering questions about the people and events, and connecting the play to the Foundation’s work.
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