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This holiday season support the Matthew Shepard Foundation's work to Erase Hate!

Are you over 70 ½? Have you taken your RMD?
You can send money directly from your IRA to the Foundation, which, unlike regular withdrawals from an IRA, reduces your taxable income. Using a Qualified Charitable Distribution allows the money to go directly from your retirement account to the Matthew Shepard Foundation (or any nonprofit) without you realizing it as income on your next tax return. If you are charitably inclined and over the age of 70 1/2, it is worth exploring this technique to maximize the impact of your annual gifts. Talk to your financial advisor today!
The Matthew Shepard Foundation

Campaign to Support The Matthew Shepard Foundation

In a diverse approach to Erase Hate, the Foundation focuses its efforts ranging anywhere from theater stages and local law enforcement agencies, to online resource centers and embassies around the world.